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All of our bikes are Pedal Assist powered by an electric motor.

Pedal assists is an effortless way to ride a bicycle. A sensor detects when you move the pedal with your foot and signals the motor to start pedaling for you. The moment you stop moving the pedal the motor stops.

There are 5 different levels of pedal assist. You control the levels with a simple up and down switch on the handlebars.

The bikes also have a sensor on the brakes, the moment you touch the brakes the electric motor stops.

Fat tires can cover any terrain: beach, paved and off road, even snow. P.S. you will be happy to hear we don’t get much snow!

The bikes do have a twist throttle but using a throttle on bike paths is illegal in Florida. The Beach & Greenway are considered bike paths.





















We have created spectacular tours to help you experience all that Amelia Island has to offer. We send a link to your phone that opens into several skillfully crafted but easy to follow GPS self-guided Eco Tours for you to choose from.

We offer Half Day or Full Day options with our bikes. Half Day Rentals are $60, Full Day Rentals are $80. Either one gives you plenty of time to enjoy one of our skillfully crafted GPS self guided Eco Tours and have some free time to plot your own course, or stop for lunch. We kit you out with everything you need to be gone for the day.

What’s Included

Front and Rear Rack 
GPS Eco Tour Maps sent to your phone
Helmet & Bike Lock
Front or Rear Cargo Bag LWH 12x9x8
Bungee Cord & Rain Poncho
Phone Charger
Re-usable Ice Pack
Spring Water in Eco-Friendly Re-usable Bottle
Cooler fits in cargo

We are open from 9:30am till 7pm

Custom times are also available, just give us a call.

We are pretty flexible…because we do Yoga & Meditate.

Each tour is designed to cover several different terrain experiences. A little off-road through the Greenway, followed by a very relaxing paved ride through Fort Clinch, then a nice long ride home down the beach (tide permitting) Fat tires are great!


Eco Tours uses a GPS mapping system to guide you safely around the Island. The map operates from your smartphone.  Bikes comes with clips that safely secure your phone during the tour.

We send you a link that opens with different tours to choose from. All tours have waypoints and plenty of information about the particular tour you are taking.

Let’s say you’re on Amelia Island’s famous Greenway. Take a break, stop your bike, click the link in the map and get a full description of all the wonderful animals and creatures that call the Greenway home.

The map also provides you with plenty of cool spots to stop for food & refreshments.

If you’re an adventurer and decide to plot your own course for a while, no big deal. When you’re done, click back into the tour and it will pick up your location to continue the journey. Any issues, give us a call and we can help.

Bring your charger and simply plug into the bike to stay charged up throughout your tour.


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